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Pooja opened her eyes and saw the bright sunlight pouring in through the windows, 'it must be very late,' she thought stretching her naked body under the sheets. She has never slept naked but last night was liberating in many aspects. The events flashed before her eyes, how her husband's boss made a move on her in front of her hubby and how he watched everything with his cock hard in his pants.

Kutty fucked her whole night and she was excited beyond her wildest dreams. She enjoyed the way Kutty used her body for his pleasures, it was no love but only animalistic sex. She realized that Kutty fucked her without caring for her or her hubby, he just took her, made her do things for his pleasure and she liked being taken roughly, she enjoyed it when Kutty fed his cock into her throat and her hubby watched with wide eyes. She knew that this kind of sex is never possible with her hubby. Her body was still aching from last night's treatment and she felt horny again, she felt ready for another round of fucking but Kutty had already left early in the morning or else she would have jumped over him.

She freshened up a little bit before putting on a gown over her nude body. She was happy that finally all this happened and she no longer needs to hide her relationship with Saxena, she can now enjoy with both men. It's even better with her hubby watching.

Ravi was hiding in the spare bedroom. Last night's experience shocked him to the core. Right before his eyes his innocent wife had Kutty's monstrous cock in her lovely mouth. He watched as Kutty slipped deeper and deeper in her until she gagged and then slowly fucked her mouth. He was aghast when Kutty announced that he was about to cum and instead of pulling back she slurped even harder. Kutty grabbed her hairs with one hand while the other he kept below her chin and started to feed her with his cum.

Ravi shivered as the scene played before his eyes and he grabbed his hard cock, this was the second time since last night that he was reliving himself.

When Kutty left in the wee hours of morning he stepped into the bedroom and found Pooja sleeping, spread out on the bed naked. He watched the telltale signs of the royal fucking on her body, the hairs were disheveled, the lipstick disappeared completely and he can make out that the lower lip was a bit swollen, probably by hard sucking. He didn't realize that he was stroking his erection, he stood transfixed beside the bed and wanked himself to a big release.

He pulled the sheet over his naked wife's body and walked out of the bed room. Now that his cock was limp, he was able to really think what happened. He slumped onto the couch feeling ashamed of himself, feeling embarrassed over his own reaction or inaction. How easily Kutty has seduced his wife and made her so aroused that she did whatever he wanted to do. He felt emasculated that all those years he was never able to make her so horny and fuck her like his boss did.

Then he started to ponder what his life would be post this cuckolding; how would she act with him now that she has seen him behave like a sissy. How can he face his boss in the office, he remembers the shitty grin on his face. Kutty was already having control over him in office and now he will be the boss at his home and have full control over his wife too. He will humiliate him in front of his wife, he knew that Kutty will come back for more and the thought sent shivers down her spine but at the same time he was surprised that his cock stirred. Thinking all this he passed out.

Pooja saw her husband sleeping in the spare bedroom but didn't wake him up. She was wondering what now, how he would behave? She knew from her reaction last night that it was not planned by him, his boss just made a move on her and knowing the cuckold tendencies in her hubby she encouraged him.

He woke up late in the morning, the sun was pouring in from the window. He walked out of the spare bedroom and heard noises from the kitchen, Pooja was cooking breakfast. He stood at the door of kitchen absentmindedly, not knowing what to do or say.

"Ohh, you are up," she noticed him, "I didn't wake you up and let you rest as today is Sunday." She walked close and hugged him. Ravi felt strange and tentatively put his hand on her shoulders. She kissed his cheeks,

"Thank you... thank you very much," she spoke and they stood like that for couple of minutes. Ravi wanted to say so much, he wanted to ask her why she let Kutty fuck her, does she feel her husband is not good enough. But then he realized that he was there and he did nothing to stop and maybe he only led her to this point, he only made her believe that he wanted this. He stood quietly and was not able to say a word.

"Are you all right," finally he was able to find some words.

"Aa humm... am fine," she spoke in a low voice still in his embrace, "finally you decided to make your fantasy a reality."

"Did I decide? I didn't have any choice," he thought but was not able to say anything.

"I... I... didn't plan anything," he spoke, "I don't know how it happened."


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Pooja looked at him as if surprised, "Your boss was drooling over me for some time, you know it. He flirted with me in party and you were present there."

Ravi nodded in embarrassment as it was true and was not able to say anything. They remain in each other's embrace for some time. Pooja caressed her hairs and kissed him on forehead.

"Was he... good... better than me," he stammered.

Pooja looked him in eyes and he looked away, he already knew the answer and was now regretting that he asked this.

"Why are you torturing yourself... it was just sex with him," she spoke.

"Ok... now you freshen up I have prepared your favorite breakfast 'aloo ka paratha'," she spoke cheerfully changing the topic.

Ravi didn't want to let her go but she pushed herself free and went inside the kitchen. Ravi was still standing at the kitchen door looking grumpy.

"Don't be silly... I only had sex with him but I love you only, you are the only man that I can love," she spoke with a smile and then continued to explain how much she loves him and with his boss it was only physical satisfaction, which is good for both... blah... blah... blah.

"Last night I saw how much you enjoyed it," she smiled looking at his crotch.

"I didn't enjoy... it was painful."

"Ohh... really... with that big bulge in your pant," she touched his crotch, "my my look at this, you are turned on by just talking about it. Don't tell me that you didn't wanted me to fuck other guys, you were so turned on last night."

Pooja opened his fly and fished out the hard cock amongst his feeble protests. She pushed him to the living room and on the couch while she sat beside his legs caressing the cock.

She opened her blouse and let her supple boobs fall out. Ravi could see the red bruises near the nipples and could not stop himself but caressed them.

"Ahh... easy, they are still sore," she smiled, "your boss was animal."

Ravi felt as if his heart was squeezed, "why you allowed it."

"It's all right, men tend to get rough and out of control when they are excited," she giggled.

"But... but I never did that to you," he was in pain.

"Yeah, I know... you are a darling," she pumped the cock few times, "that is why I love you."

"But... but... you also participated willingly."

"Sure, he was able to bring out the naughty side of me ..., now let me take care of this," she squeezed the rod in her hand.

Ravi shut his mouth but started to take off her clothes and unveiled many more marks on her body. Each mark on her body gave him pain and an even harder cock until he got the sweet release by ejaculating in her hands.


Monday morning Ravi was dreading to go to office and face his boss, but the day turned out to be pretty normal. Kutty didn't talked to him about the night or his wife and was most of the time was polite with him.

He was in the office but his mind was somewhere else. What will happen now? Will his wife leave him? What if Kutty wants to boast about his escapade to his colleagues in the office? Can he divorce her? With so many thoughts going on in his mind, he never noticed when Kutty passed by his desk patting him on his back signaling to join him in his cabin.

"Sit down, Ravi." Kutty could sense Ravi's distressed state of mind. Ravi took a seat without uttering a word.

"Why do you look so desolate, lost and staring into blankness as if someone has ripped your heart apart, shred it into pieces and had it for dinner?" he had a smile flickered on his lips before he changed back to being serious.

"I thought she loved me and never thought she could do something like this to me and... and... how could you do this... you... you raped her," he blurted out.

"Ohh... was this the first time for you?" he spoke sympathetically, "I thought you two are already into this cuckolding thing and seriously!! do you call it a rape."

Ravi looked at him helplessly he knew it was consensual for both of them but not for him, he felt like being raped. He stared at his boss for a long time and then nodded his head in agreement.

"What wrong did she do, believe me and I am telling you this from my life's experience, she is a great wife and not many people are lucky enough to be married to such an angel. Even if it was first time for you still you know that you are a cuckold from inside for a long time and you love it when I fucked her," Kutty continued, "I know what sort of things are going on in your mind, that's normal but don't rush into taking a wrong decision for which you will repent rest of your life. Don't you think that she is the goddess in your life who deserve all the pleasures in life."

Ravi could not look into his eyes and looked down at his shoes.

"She takes good care of you, of your needs in the house, makes you happy. Don't you think she deserves some happiness too? And I don't want to be manipulative, but you have seen yourself what kind of a woman she is in the bed and sometimes, such a tigress needs a hunter to tame her," he had a hint of pride in his voice.

"I don't know," Ravi looked blankly towards him.

"Believe me, your wife has tasted blood, she will not stop not even if you say, if not with me them with someone else. So, the option before you are 'to stay with her' or to 'leave her,' if you allow her to have freedom in this matter, she will love you even more and will make you even happier."

Ravi stayed quiet and looked towards him, now he felt no anger, no remorse or jealousy towards this man who last night fucked his wife. He felt relaxed after talking to him.

Couple of days passed without any incident, during the period Pooja gave him several handjobs but never actually allowed him to fuck. She talked about his boss which made him hard and then just finish him off with her hands.

Pooja on the other hand was also passing through strange emotions she had never felt before. When she fucked Saxena and cheated on her husband she felt guilty but still the sex with her hubby was ok, she felt like doing it. Now after she had spent that night with Kutty and saw the sissy side of her hubby, she no longer felt any sexual arousal with him. She still feels love for him but whenever he touched her with intention of having sex she cringed. The woman inside her wanted a man to take control of her, so whenever he was hard she would masturbate him. Another change she observed in him that he became very submissive to her and accepts whatever she does.


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Ravi was lying on his bed waiting for Pooja to join him. he was reminiscing the night Kutty spent with his wife. He was scared to death realizing that in spite of the pain of watching his wife with other man, how aroused he was.

He remembered that he was sitting on the sofa drinking until there was complete silence in the house, and then he started walking towards the bedroom which was not locked. He opened the door slowly without making any sound and could only hear the buzzing of the air conditioner. The sight in front of him was mesmerizing.

He could see that the night dress that Kutty had gifted to Pooja a few hours ago was lying on the heap of their clothes in one corner of the room. Both of them looked to be in a deep slumber without any clothes. They were lying in each other's embrace, Kutty was lying on his back while Pooja was on his side with her head resting on his chest and one of her legs just below his groin. Kutty had his arm around her waist which rested on her butt cheeks. As hard as Ravi tried, he could not keep himself from looking at Kutty's massive organ. It looked longer and thicker in its flaccid state than his full erection.

He moved closer to the bed and looked at his wife's body, he was fixated at her ass and the open pussy lips visible from behind. He felt a strong urge to get between her legs and lick that used pussy. He trembled and was about to act on his instincts when he saw a small piece of cloth lying beside her legs. It was her panty, he picked it up and found that it was still wet from the juices. He brought it upto her nose and sniffed the sweet aroma of his wife's sex. He very gently bends to give a quick kiss on his wife's pussy and walked out of the room quickly.

He felt ashamed every time he remembered it. No one knows about his dark secret, but it was shaking him up to the core. He was still not able to accept himself as a cuckold who worships his wife and lover.

He was brought out of his trance when Pooja joined him in the bed. She changed into a sleeveless short nighty that covered her bosom but she knew very well that it made them look even more inviting. Her legs were on full display and Ravi could feel the development of an erection in his pants. She sat next to him on the bed, gently caressing his cheeks with her finger and slowly sliding it all the way to his groin.

"Ahh!" moaned Ravi. He pushed Pooja on the bed and started showering kisses all over her face and neck.

Pooja giggled when she saw his eagerness but he continued his kissing frenzy and started to move downwards until he reached between her legs.

"I love you Pooja," he whispered and pulled her panty down in one swift motion and buried his head between her legs.

"Aww... what..." she giggled again feeling the wet tongue lapping at the pussy lips, automatically her legs started to spread.

Ravi inhaled the musk, looking at the parted lips and imagined Kutty's cock impaling it. He groaned and flicked his tongue at the clit and then pushed it inside the pink opening.

"I will always love you," he muttered when he came up for breath, "please don't ever leave me."

"What's got into you," she caressed the head buried between her legs, "who told you I will leave you... I always love you."

Ravi groaned and started eating her pussy with renewed vigor. Pooja continued to caress his hairs and started feeling good. The soft tongue slurped inside while the lips rubbed and sucked at the clit.

"Awwww... ummm, where you learned to eat pussy so well," she moaned, "and what's the matter with you."

"You don't like it," Ravi looked at her.

"I loved it, its soooo good," she cooed.

Ravi spread her legs wide and went back eating the pussy.

"Ahh, ahh, my god... uggg... uggg," she relaxed and enjoyed the sensation, its been long time since she really enjoyed sex with her hubby. She felt an urge to love her husband and please him. She realized that ever since that night with Kutty she has not allowed anything but a handjob.

She nudged him to come close in a 69 position and fished out his cock. It was rock hard with a pre-cum on its tip. She wiped it away with her hand and kissed the tip. She felt like kissing it, licking it and sucking it. When she was pulling it into her mouth she knew he wont last long but it was immaterial, she just wants him to enjoy.

"Cum in my mouth... baby," she spoke in a husky voice and wrapped her lips around it.

Ravi felt happy and relaxed after they finished the lovemaking, he saw love in the eyes of his wife and he cared for nothing else. Her naked body was in his arms and her head was resting on his chest, he gently caressed the nude bums.

"You know I love you more than ever," he kissed her forehead and then remembered the conversation that she had with Kutty that night where she confessed of having another man with a big cock.

"Who is the other man you had sex with that you told Kutty that night," Ravi asked.

"Why you want to know," she spoke thinking of Saxena and realizing that they have not talked or hooked up for almost fifteen days now, she wondered what happened with Saxena, he was not the kind of guy to take such a long break.

Ravi thought that this man would be someone from the her past little did he know that he is someone he knew and also that the affair is still going on. So, when Pooja revealed after a bit of hesitation that this man is 'Saxena' he was shocked.

"This... this... Saxena," his voice trembled, "our neighbor Saxena?"


"This leech... he is a gangster? How did... how could you," he stammered and was at a loss of words.

Pooja caressed his hairs, "it just happened... I didn't plan or wanted with him... but just happened," she sighed.

"He is not a good man, he once threatened me over the trivial issue of parking the car," Ravi spoke.

"Ohh... but you never told me."

"It was not such a big thing, just argued over car parking spot in the basement, but he threatened me, he is a mean guy, how you got involved with him," he was crossed.

Pooja was not feeling so good about it now, she tried to change the topic but Ravi was adamant to know everything, so she narrated the whole incident.

"He... he raped you and you never told me," he felt hurt.

"It was not a rape," Pooja defended, "it was coerced a little bit, but I did it on my free will."

"Yeah free will... I would... I would have set him right," he rubbed his hand in desperation.

Pooja kissed him on forehead, "don't worry darling nothing happened that I can't handle," she whispered, he just fucked me and nothing else."

Ravi felt blood rushing to his groins, he gripped her ass tightly. He was angry at Saxena but at the same time felt emasculated. They talked abut it for a long time which leads to Ravi feeling the pain and pleasure of being a cuckold.

"You will love to watch me with him," Pooja cooed in his ears, "I will talk to him and can invite him for a night cap." Ravi stiffened listening to this and remembered what Kutty said in office that she will not stop, if not with him then with someone else, how true.

"Besides we always wanted to have a flat of our own in this city, he can help us get a nice flat on good discount, I have already spoken to him," she continued while Ravi looked at her in disbelief.


Pooja was feeling restless as Saxena has not met her for so many days nor did he called. When she was leaving for school in the morning, she looked around for him but he was not to be seen. She also walked through basement car parking and saw his usual spot vacant. She shrugged her shoulders and walked away with the intention of calling him but then she thought that she would appear needy, so she dropped the idea of calling.

In afternoon Ratna visited her, she was happy to see her and wanted to share all that happened with her but then she knew that she will be like saint and advising against all this so she stayed quiet. While they were talking topic of Saxena came,

"Have you heard about Saxena," Ratna was excited.

"What about him?"

"He was arrested for some illegal construction and god knows what," Ratna spoke.

"What!! I didn't know that, when?" Pooja was surprised and then realized the reason for his absence.

"Yeah, how long can he continue his dirty tricks, this time he crossed his own godfather and he got him booked. This time it won't be easy for him," Ratna seems to be happy.


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"What godfather?"

"Vikram Jeet Sinha," she announced as if announcing the entrance of a king in his court.

Pooja has heard about him, he was a underworld don turned into businessmen. He hailed from Bihar and now has built his empire throughout India, he is also known to be a king maker in respect of politics.

"Yeah I have heard about him."

"Yes, Saxena was his protégé and this time Saxena has enraged him maybe double crossed him or something so he got him booked in so many cases," Ratna continued.

Pooja started to feel sorry about him and wanted to talk to him immediately, "is he still in jail?"

"I guess he got bail yesterday."

Pooja felt on edge and as soon as Ratna left she took out her mobile and called Saxena.

"Hey!! how are you doing long time you never called," she spoke as soon as the call connected.

"Haven't you heard I was in government guest house," he laughed shamelessly.

"Yeah I heard, thank god you are out now."

"They can't keep me there forever, but I missed you a lot."

Pooja blushed, "then why didn't you call me immediately after coming out."

"Well I came out yesterday night and at that time you must be with your hubby so I did not call."

Pooja giggled, "it would not be a problem."

"Why? Do your husband knows about us."

"Yes, he knows and would not mind if you come home tonight," she spoke feeling butterflies in her stomach.

"Really!!" she heard him laughing, "I knew he is a sissy man."

"Shut up, don't talk about him like that," Pooja felt embarrassed.

"Ok... ok... Darling don't get mad, but I can't wait to see you till night, why don't you come to my house."


"Yeah now, just open your door and walk 10 meters to the right and I will be waiting for you at my doorsteps."

"Ok," the butterflies in her stomach were now getting bigger.

She almost ran towards mirror and checked herself. She was wearing a yellow skin fit leggings and black kurta top. The kurta was a fit on her body and has long cuts on the sides which revealed her firm thighs. She brushed her shoulder length hairs and let them untied and applied light red lipstick on her lips.

Satisfied about her attire Pooja walked out in the corridor and once satisfied that no one was around she headed for Saxena's flat. He was on the door keeping it open for her.

"Wow!! You look hot," he looked at her from top to bottom and then grabbed her in his arms.

"Missed me?" he slapped hard at her supple butts.

"Ouch!! Easy."

Saxena leaned her against the door and started kissing her on lips. Pooja also eagerly kissed back, her breathing started to get heavy. She sucked on the tongue which was lapping inside her mouth while Saxena grouped her ass and boobs.

After a minute he broke the kiss and started to walk her inside the flat, she hugged him resting her head on his chest.

"Aww," Pooja was shocked to see that a man was already sitting on the sofa, she tried to get away from Saxena but he kept an arm around her.

"He is Mr Sinha," he introduced them, "and she is my good friend Pooja."

"I can see very good friend indeed," he spoke looking at her mischievously and Pooja blushed feeling crossed with Saxena for not telling her that he was sitting inside. She was getting horny and thought that he would take her to bedroom for a nice fucking but here he is introducing him to this man. Why didn't he tell me? She thought. Then it strikes to her that this is the same big shot gangster cum businessmen, Sinha.

He extended his hand for a hand shake, "hello."

She was still in Saxena's grip and feeling shy she moved her hand forward, "hello."

"So, you are Pooja, I have heard so much about you from Saxena," he spoke with authority taking her hand in his hands. Pooja found him to be a very authoritative and intimidating man. He must be around fifty years but was big and strong.

"Saxena let go of the lady she is clearly feeling uncomfortable," he spoke and slightly pulled her closer, "come sit with me."

"Yes... Yes... off course," Saxena sputtered.

She found Saxena was behaving like a slave behaves in front of his master. She hesitantly sat beside Sinha feeling the aura of superiority around him. He still had her hand in both of his hands and was slowly caressing it. Pooja tried to pull her hand but he held it tightly. Suddenly she noticed that there were more people in the flat. They were sitting in one corner of the room and clearly looks like bodybuilder.

Pooja was uncomfortable and she looked questioningly towards Saxena.

"They are my bodyguard," Sinha spoke as if reading her mind.


"You never know I have lot of enemies," Sinha spoke looking sternly towards Saxena who avoided eye contact with him. Saxena clearly looks afraid of him and the air in the room seemed to be heavy.


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"Saxena was telling me that you work as a teacher at "Little Toddlers" school," Sinha started a casual conversation.

"Yeah and you are THE Mr Sinha," she emphasized the word 'the' to which he laughed.

"But I heard that you were angry with Mr Saxena but you are now..." she left the question hanging.

"Some misunderstanding but everything is alright between us now," Saxena spoke before Sinha could respond.

"Everything is not yet ok," Sinha spoke chewing every word, "and if you do not want to spend the rest of your life in the 'Government guest house' you better behave."

"Yes... yes..." he wagged his tail like a dog.

Pooja tried to pull her hand away but he held it tightly and continued to caress.

"You are a beautiful woman," he looked into her eyes, "I like full-bodied women just like you."

His eyes were inspecting every inch of her body and she felt nervous at the way he looked at her.

"Umm," she fidgeted, I must be going now you two have work to do."

"No problem at all, my work is finished."

"By the way, Saxena tells me that he almost raped you the first time he took you to his sample flat but that later you enjoyed it," he spoke so matter of factly that it took some time to register in her mind.

"Is that so?" she looked with murderous intentions towards Saxena. She was really pissed off with him that he talked about her with Sinha.

"Very bad," he chuckled, "a woman should never be forced, well certainly not the way he did."

"Your husband is a great person," he continued, "he knows that sharing is caring."

Pooja stared at Saxena in anger and felt so ashamed in front of this man and just wanted to run away, she never expected that a stranger would be talking to her like this and that Saxena will revel all her secrets to him.

"I have to go now," she stood up but Sinha pulled her back on the sofa.

"I have not yet finished," he spoke in a stern and firm voice. Pooja looked into his eyes and didn't muster the courage to go against him.

"Well!! I must say that your hubby is a lucky person and so is this rascal here," he was back again talking in a flattering tone, "and I feel I would be lucky too."

Pooja shivered when she understood what he meant. He was clearly telling her that he would also want to fuck her. She looked towards Saxena for help but he stood helplessly, Pooja felt the surge of rage towards him, he has led her to this situation.

She smiled sheepishly, "I... I... don't know."

"Saxena what are you doing!! You haven't yet offered anything to the guests," Sinha looked towards Saxena and he got the hint.

"I'll get something to drink," he started to walk towards kitchen.

"Saxena ji," Pooja shivered at the thought of staying alone with him but he didn't stop. She tried to get up but this time he pulled her into his lap.

She felt nervous, scared and at the same time aroused. 'What should I do if he wants to fuck me?'. Her chest heaved as he held her hand in his firm grip and his other hand around her waist to keep her still in his lap. She glanced towards his bodyguards sitting in the corner.

Sinha looked towards them as if on the cue, they got up and went towards the other room.

"Hey boss, we would be in other room, call us if you require anything," one of them spoke nonchalantly.

"Now the two of us should talk, I don't want to fuck you... well not as yet, so relax," Sinha spoke.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes," she nodded.

"I love the power game, I love to dominate women especially married women and I love to cuckold their husbands, the more they struggle the more I enjoy," he paused, "that is why I feel that we can get along well."

Pooja's breath got heavy.

"If they don't struggle and follow me, they have best of both the worlds, money and fun," he spoke, "I make the man realize his true self as a cuckold, so much so that he will never be in any confusion. Your husband still doesn't know how to express himself freely."

He let go of her hand but his grip around her waist tightened, he pulled her closer in his embrace. His hand rubbed at her flat abdomen and entered inside the kurta top to feel the soft flesh. His face was beside her and he inhaled her scent.

"Nice perfume, what is it?"

"Lancome's" she was barely able to speak.

"Humm... nice choice."

"You will be the true owner of your husband, while I would dominate you, spank you and make you my girl... remember no pain no gain," he whispered close to her ears, "What do you say?"

"Huh," she was in a trance.

"This Saturday, I will send car to pick you up, I want you to come with your husband... understood?"

"Umm... but why?" she panted.

"Saxena is a rascal," he ignored her question and continued, "he doesn't know how to handle such situation, he only knows how to fuck. He will spoil the good thing that is going on between you and your husband, you need someone like me," he caressed her hairs, "got it?"

She nodded, her chest was heaving due to hard breathing and her face was glowing red with arousal.

"When you come to me, I want you to wear saree and subtle makeup, don't want to overdo it, Ok."

She nodded.

"All the jewelry that a Hindu married lady is supposed to wear, bangles and lots of them, Mangalsutra (neckless a symbol of married Hindu girl), Anklet, Bindi (round colored mark on forehead), Sindoor (vermilion)," he continued to explain.

"Now tell me what are you wearing inside these leggings and kurta top," he asked caressing her hairs.


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"Ahem," she gasped, "What... ah... bra and panties," she was unable to understand why she meekly agreeing to everything he was saying. She felt aroused and totally unable to resist him, he was arousing her with his confident way of telling her that he wanted to make her his fucktoy and her husband a sissy cuckold.

"Show me the bra," he ordered.

Pooja felt as if she was completely overpowered by him, to her surprise she found herself lifting her kurta up, to reveal the grey and white bra she was wearing. He moved his hand over the C size globs.

"Humm this bra is pointy and has some padding, you don't need any padding, your boobs are naturally big enough and pointy, I am sure they need no support to stand erect."

"Isn't it," he whispered, "do they stand on their own."

"Yesss," she hissed, her eyes were closed and head resting back on his shoulders.

"Show me those titties, I want to be sure what I am getting into."

Pooja involuntarily reached behind her back and unclasped the bra, he lifted the cups up to reveal the perfect white flesh, tout nipples and fluffy areolas.

"Nice..." he cupped each, one by one as if weighing them and Pooja let out a sigh at the touch.

"Pink and fluffy areolas, look like a teenager's which are still growing," he spoke and brushed his hand against them rubbing the nipples.

"Ahhh," she let out a gasp.

"You should wear a bra without any cups, just the fabric against them," he spoke and she nodded obediently.

Sinha caressed her softly making her crave for a harder touch. He slowly pulled the kurta and bra out of her head and threw them on the table. Pooja felt shy being exposed as she was nude from waist up, on an impulse she turned towards Sinha trying to hide herself into his chest. Pooja never felt so aroused in her life, her body ached for more and she hugged him harder.

"I am happy to see what you have got, do you also want to see what I have got for you," he spoke and placed her hand on his bulge. Pooja moved her hand feeling the entire length and girth of his cock from over the pants.

"You want to take it out."

"No," she shook her head timidly.

"You won't be disappointed when you come to me on Saturday," he spoke and then added, "unless you want me to fuck you now."

"Ahmm... uggg," she trembled and nuzzled tightly.

"What??? I didn't hear anything."


"What yes, tell me."

"Yesss... please... please fuck me now," she groaned.

Sinha pulled her hairs to lift her face and placed his lips on her trembling lips. He started to kiss and suck her lips while she shudders and her breasts heaved heavily on his chest. She opened her mouth and welcomed his tongue in her mouth by sucking and licking it.

After kissing her for sometime he lifted his head and shouted loudly, "Saxena!!"

Pooja was lost into the moment that she forgot that Saxena was also in the flat. She hid her head into his chest when he heard the footsteps and knew he was standing behind her.

Saxena was sitting in the bedroom and knew what was going on, when he heard Sinha called for him, he entered the drawing room and saw Pooja semi-nude cuddled into his lap. His blood was already boiling as he knew that Sinha was going to fuck her and that he has to help him, against his will, in doing so.

He saw Sinha was fiddling with the leggings and looked towards him questioningly.

"Get out of the flat," he ordered, "I will call you when it's time to come back."

He nodded and started to walk towards exit when Sinha stopped him, "Hey!! Before you go, help me with this," he pointed towards her leggings.

Sinha had already pulled it below her hips and was now signally him to pull it out of her legs. Saxena gritted his teeth as he knew that Sinha was deliberately doing this to humiliate him. He was showing his power over him by fucking his girl.

He quickly held the leggings from bottom and pulled it out of her legs and quickly left.

"Asshole, motherfucker, needed to show his place," he spoke after Saxena left, "if I was into guys, he would have been sucking my dick by now."

Pooja looked at him in shock at his outburst.

"Don't worry," he smiled and pushed his hand inside her panties, "Mmmm... nice."


It was time to leave and Ravi was cleaning his desk. Whole day in the office his mind was diverted towards his wife and what would have happened, whether she had talked to Saxena and invited him home tonight. He somehow finished his work and left for home.

When he entered the basement of his flats to park his car, he saw Saxena pulling his car out of the spot over which they had a scuffle few days back. Seeing Saxena triggered jealously and on an impulse, he drove his car into the vacant spot while Saxena looked on fiercely.

Saxena got down from his car and walked towards him. Ravi saw him coming and expected another argument with him but instead he smiled,


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"Son, you again parked at my spot," he spoke politely.

"This spot is not permanently allotted to you," he was ready to argue.

"You keep arguing over this, while someone else will park his truck into your parking," he started laughing at his own farce while Ravi looked on stupidly.

"Ok enough of these stupid arguments, we are neighbors and we never had drinks together, come we will go to the bar nearby and have drinks."

"No... no, I have to go home, Pooja will be waiting for me," he spoke.

Saxena though to tell him that nobody will be home but then shrugged his shoulders, let him find on its own, "Ok no problem, I will go alone."


Sinha lifted Pooja effortlessly in his arms like a ragdoll and walked towards bedroom, she was surprised by his brutal strength.

She thought how her life has change so fast from a simple middle-class wife to an adulteress, a cuckoldress and a total slut. Just a month back if any men hit on her she would get alarmed and the only reaction would be how to get out of the situation. Once she crossed the boundaries with Saxena, she no longer feels alarmed or scared, rather she felt aroused. Now, she was nude in the arms of a man she knew barely for half an hour and she begged him to fuck her.

She realized that Sinha's intention was to fuck her just to show his power over Saxena and in order to get back at him. But instead of feeling disgusted for being used as a pawn, she was getting horny. Saxena win her over her husband as he proved himself to be more powerful and better man. Now Sinha has snatched her from Saxena to prove his powers. Just like the dogs going after the bitch in heat, on the roads, the stronger and better dog will get the bitch by driving away his opponents. Pooja knew that Sinha named dog will now have his bitch.

He threw her on the bed. Pooja watched him taking his clothes out and she gasped when his erect cock came into view. It was big and thick, thicker than any she has ever seen. He had heavy and strong body and looks like he was regular at gym during his younger days. Still he was not out of shape, just a hint of ageing.

He crawled up on the bed closer to her and started kissing Pooja fiercely, the beard rubbing and poking against her cheeks. She caressed his face with both her hands and then circled them around his neck to pull him closer. She kissed back hungrily with open mouth and licked his thick lips. Sinha traced his lips from her mouth to her neck and sucked hard.

"Ahhh," she let out a moan as she felt the teeth on her neck and the skin being sucked hard.

Mr Sinha continued to shower her face, lips and neck with hard kisses, whispering into her ear to look at his cock, telling her to hold it in her hands. With one hand he kept her head in place and with other stroked her sensitive nipples, first gently and then fiercely tugged at the soft flesh and erect nipples.

Pooja looked down at Sinha's throbbing tower of flesh, "Aww that is huge."

"Don't worry darling I am sure you will be able to take it."

Sinha mauled her soft boobs and pinched the erect nipples, making her squirm and cry out in pain and pleasure. He explored every inch of her body by kissing, biting and pinching.

"Every inch of your body needs to explored in detail, but that would be later, today let me fuck your pussy," he spoke.

Pooja was going crazy on the inside. Her heart pounded like a jack-hammer and her mouth was dry as sand and she couldn't breathe. She was on her back before him with her legs spread wide open and her eyes glued to his cock and she knew that he was going to make most of it.

Sinha touched the tip of his cock to her pussy and Pooja dropped her head back. He smeared his own pre-cum all around and dipped his thick member between her lips to cover it with her juices. He knew that he just cannot bang in his thick cock into her, no matter how ready she is, it is going to hurt her. He had learned how to use his big cock with all the women he has been in his teenage days.

He parted her lips with the huge, fat head of his cock and was not surprised to discover how wet she was. He was always able to create this effect on women. He smiled and leaned his weight forward, pushing in just the first half inch. Pooja reached up and held his face and kissed him deeply.

Sinha pushed forward, splitting her slit and opening her folds. The lips of her pussy spread wide trying to accommodate his girth and then wider still as he eased forward some more. She withered in ecstasy and tried to buck her hips to take more of it. Sinha stopped for a moment, moved his knees forward just a bit and pressed again, slowing sinking deeper into Pooja's velvety smooth opening.


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"Maaaa... Uggg... shit... that is big!!" She cried. "Fuck me!! AAAaaa!"

He leaned with more pressure behind his hips until, finally, he felt her cunt begin to stretch. Pooja felt his cock swell and she gasped, "Ohhh you are tearing me apart, AAhhhhh."

Pooja moved her hands and held Sinha's face, caressing his beard she cooed, "take me... I want you to take me and enjoy without holding back."

"I will sweet heart... I will make good use of your hot body," he spoke and eased in completely.

"Ahmm.. Aaahh."

Pooja's pussy was wrapped tightly around his shaft and she showered kisses on his face. Sinha pulled back a little bit and then penetrated again.

"Ahmm... Ahmm... easy Sinha ji," she howled.

Pooja was sopping wet now. He withdrew halfway and then slid his monster back in.

Sinha filled her completely and every inch of her pussy was stuffed with meat. Pooja was overwhelmed with crazy electric sensation emanating out of her pussy and spreading throughout her body.

He lifted her legs up above his shoulders and pinned her down. Pooja gasped for air as he started to bang her in earnest, his balls slapping against her ass.

"Oh my god!! Oh my god!!" she cried again and again.

She felt a surge of raw lust in her and buried her fingers in Sinha's hair pulling his face down to hers. She kissed him passionately and moved her hip in sync with his movements. Pooja arch her back and thrusted her hips as she felt her orgasm ripping through her body. Sinha felt her body shudder in his arms and increased his pace.

"I am going to cum inside you," he warned.

Pooja felt a wave of pleasure in hearing this, she wanted to have his cum, never in her life she felt the desire of having a man cum inside her but now she wanted him to fill her pussy up. She just nodded and kissed him passionately.

He groaned softly in her mouth and his cock swelled inside her pussy. He tightened his grip over her body and started to fill her cunt with his hot spunk.

Pooja closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his heavy body shuddering and jerking while cumming inside her.


When Ravi reached his flat, he found it empty. He tried calling Pooja but she didn't pick the call which got him worried. He was getting restless with every passing minute and didn't know what he should do. He just saw Saxena going out and he was alone, so he wondered who is she with.

After like eternity the door opened and Pooja stepped in. He felt relaxed seeing her,

"Where were you, not even taking my calls," he spoke.

"Yeah!! I was a bit busy," she spoke tiredly.

Ravi looked at her disheveled hairs and felt something amiss, his heart started to pound as he saw that she had a blue mark on her neck which clearly looked like a hickey. She was with someone, but who could he be? Saxena!! he saw going out and Kutty was at office. He trembled realizing that she was with someone else.

Pooja walked closer, "I will tell you all about it, but first let me take a shower."

Ravi looked terrified and Pooja realized that he must be in pain. She looked at his innocent face and felt loving emotions surge through her body. She came closer and hugged his shaking body.

She was reeking of sex and he inhaled the overpowering scent emanating from her body.

"Where were you I was worried," his voice was shaking, "were you with someone."


Pooja felt him tremble and she kissed him on head.

"Who is he?"

"Vikram Jeet Sinha," she spoke as if the name is enough.

Ravi was not able to make out anything by the name and waited for her to tell more but she kept quite and caressed his hairs.


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"Why," eventually he spoke in a painful voice.

"Truthfully I don't know why," then slowly she went on to narrate the events of the evening.

By the end of the narration Ravi was quivering with mixed emotions of pain, humiliation and anger. He tore away the clothes on her body and started to caresses and feel each and every inch of her body as if making sure she was unharmed.

"We just had sex, he did not rape me or tried to hurt me," Pooja spoke.

"How could he... How could that Saxena just pass you on to this man, you should have slapped that son of a bitch Saxena and Sinha," he spoke shaking with rage.

"Don't worry Saxena is history, he is nobody and now he cannot even touch me," she comforted him.

"But... But..." he stammered and continued to caress her and kiss her all over in a frenzy.

Pooja stood still and let him get over the emotions he was going through. He kissed her face, licked her boobs and slowly moved down to her abdomen until he was kneeling in front of her. He traced his tongue from her lower abdomen to her thighs and kissed.

"I love you Pooja," his voice was hardly audible and he looked at her. His face wore a look of shame and torture, "I love you," he repeated.

Pooja's body shook with strange emotions and she leaned back on the couch. "I love you too darling," she spoke caressing his head, "and I know how much you care about me."

With trembling hands, he grabbed her thighs and kissed and licked her lower abdomen and thighs, hesitating to go between her legs.

"We have not used condoms, you want me to take shower," Pooja spoke.

Ravi kept quiet but his grip on her thighs was tightened. Pooja started to spread her legs wide.

"You will hate me," his head was hung in shame.

"I can never hate you," she spoke, "on the contrary I love you even more." She sat on the edge of the couch and spread her legs wider. Ravi groaned and buried his head between her legs and started to kiss her pussy in a frenzy.

"No other man can be so close to me as you are and no one can love me as you do," she grabbed his hairs and pressed his head between her legs.

"Ahmm, ugg," he groaned.

Pooja felt the hot tongue lapping at her clit and then slipping inside her pussy.

"Ahhh... Ahmm," she grunted, "after that Sinha tore my pussy with his massive dick, your tongue feels like a soothing ointment... I love it... please do it more often."

Ravi grunted and started to eat her out with a renewed vigor.