Announcement regarding AVs and Signatures

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Hi People,

The Admin and Mod team have been discussing the AVs and Signatures of the users. We are seeing lots of nude and semi-nude AVs and Pics in the signatures.

Many members visit DesiMasty from their work place and they mainly stick to Lounge/News/ Games sections. And it will be very embarrassing for those people to see nude AVs and popping boobs :) We do not mind topless pics in specific threads but not everywhere and anywhere.

And some members have very large pics in the signatures. Because of them, it takes a lot of time for the pages to load, for the dialup users.

So effective immediately, pls follow the following guidelines for the convenience of the DM Community.

1. Please DONOT have any full nude/topless AVs.
2. Please DONOT have any full nude/topless pics in the signatures.
3. Please restrict the height of the pic in your signature to 150 pixels.
4. Please be considerate towards low bandwidth users and ensure that the images in your signature are no more than 100kb (total for all images).
5. No underage stuff/models allowed.

We expect to have full user co-operation on this.

Gf for the admin & mod team.
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